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Welcome to the new spiritual home of Simracersworld

At the moment it is a work in progress and purely functional for the purpose of registering for all future Simracersworld series.

This website will eventually become the focal point of everything Simracersworld. So please excuse the appearance whilst the clever people build something beautiful.

Thank you.


Join Simracersworld racing leagues?

Registration process
  1. On the home page click the REGISTER button.
  2. Fill in the form with all info requested.
  3. Click the REGISTER button, this will send you a verification email to the address you registered with, this doesn’t have to be the same address as your iRacing email address.
  4. To verify your email address you registered with, you need click the verify button in the email you have received from SRW.
  5. Once verified you will need to open the dashboard on the SRW website.
  6. Enter your iRacing ID
  7. Click submit to verify your iRacing ID. This will generate an automated iRacing Private Message.
  8. Go to the iRacing Member site.
  9. You should have a PM message, this is confirmed by the flashing green icon on the bottom bar of the iRacing home page. If you do not have a PM then it may be that your inbox is full. Empty the inbox and refresh the site and then it should be visible.
  10. Open the PM and click the link in the message to verify your iRacing account. By doing this it will take you back the SRW dashboard.
  11. Your account at this stage is verified and will need to be approved by an SRW admin. This will have no influence on your place in the queue.
  12. Once your account is confirmed, you can apply for a Championship.
Register SRW Account